Hines Supply celebrates 125th anniversary with history book

Hines Supply celebrates 125th anniversary with history book

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. — Hines Supply, a distributor of building materials in the Chicago area, has released a new book celebrating the company’s 125 years in business.

“Hines Supply: The Extraordinary Story of the Edward Hines Lumber Company” chronicles the evolution of the company, from delivering lumber using horse-pulled wagons to an industry leader providing a full range of building products, including lumber, roofing, siding, millwork, cabinets and decking, while using the latest in distribution technology.

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs from across more than a century of history, the book details how Edward Hines founded the company in 1892 on the principles of putting the customer first while taking an innovative approach to business.

“It’s amazing to learn that Hines was the first company in Chicago’s lumber district to put in a telephone, and here we are more than 100 years later as the first company in the area to launch a smartphone app for our customers,” said Hines Vice President of Sales Greg Belcher.

The book takes readers through the decades, recounting Hines’ instrumental role in supporting the expansion of the Chicago metropolitan area during the 20th century and its continued growth today. The book is packed with interviews and first-hand accounts telling the stories of Hines’ formative years at the turn of century, first use of trucks in 1915, supporting the war effort during World War II, growth into a neighborhood institution during the ’60s and ’70s, and joining with U.S. LBM in 2010 and subsequently expanding across Illinois.

“We’re proud of our history,” said Doug Jones, President of Hines Supply. “This book is a celebration of the men and women who have built Hines into a leader over the generations, and we’re excited to be able to share their stories.”

The book was unveiled to the company’s associates and customers at Hines’ 125th anniversary party. “We have employees and customers that have been with Hines for multiple generations, and through the book they’re able to read and see photos from stories they’ve heard from their parents and grandparents,” added Belcher. “We’re excited to share our story, which we know is only just beginning.”

Hines is a division of U.S. LBM, a collection of leading building material distributors across North America, with operating locations in 29 states.

Source: LBM Journal Lumber Partner Post

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