2006 – Present Day
Widman Publishing, a division of Sylva Solutions, Inc.

Widman Publishing today continues to help its clientele with timely data and information regarding solid wood products throughout North America and the World. Our publication The Market Barometer and cutting-edge website The Lumber Forecast are read by lumber wholesalers, company executives and lumber professionals globally.

1993 – 2006
Widman Associates Inc.

Widman Associates, Inc, was a diversified softwood lumber company. Until 2002, a forest industry consultant. Mr. Charles Widman was the publisher and editor of the popular lumber industry newsletter the Market Barometer, with broad circulation throughout North America. In 2006, Widman Asssociates, Inc was sold to Sylva Solutions, Inc.

March 16, 2001
READ Charles R. Widman’s speech to the IWPA in San Juan, Puerto Rico

1978 – 1991
Widman Management Ltd.

This organization was a diversified forest industry consulting company that was involved in feasibility studies, cost-cutting projects and efficiency studies for lumber companies in B.C. and elsewhere. The company was sold to Sandwell Inc., another major consulting company in 1991.

1970 – 1977
Widman Industries Ltd.

This company was a major softwood wholesale and export company doing business in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.  The company was instrumental in developing trading strategies that adopted to the cyclical nature of the world wood products markets establishing guidelines for other lumber companies to adapt to changing market conditions. The company was sold to another major wholesale lumber company in 1976.

1948 – 1969
Cooper-Widman Ltd.

Cooper-Widman was, at the time, Canada’s largest wholesale distributor of forest products with ownership of timber and sawmills in the Northern Interior of B.C. The operations of the company’s sawmills, during this time period, saw sweeping changes directed at mill production efficiency. The company was sold to Consolidated Bathhurst and Bowaters Canadian in 1967.